Holy Assumption Orthodox Church
OCA Diocese of the Midwest
114 E. Main Street, Marblehead, Ohio 43440
Welcome to the Parish!

Holy Assumption Orthodox Church is a parish of the Diocese of Chicago and the Midwest, of the Orthodox Church in America. We are in Communion with the universal Eastern Orthodox Christian Church; which abides by the teachings and traditions handed down from Christ through the Apostles, Holy Fathers, Ecumenical Councils, the Saints and the Hierarchy to this day since 33 AD without change or reform.

"The Orthodox Church is evangelical, but not Protestant. It is Orthodox, but not Jewish. It is catholic, but not Roman. It isn't non-denominational; it is pre-denominational. It has believed, taught, preserved, defended and died for the Faith of the Apostles since the Day of Pentecost 2000 years ago." Steven Robinson


125th Anniversary

Celebrating 125 years of Orthodox witness on the North Coast

Holy Assumption Orthodox Church at 110 East Main Street will celebrate 125 years of witnessing to the Apostolic Faith on the Marblehead peninsula at a Hierarchal Divine Liturgy at 10:00am on Saturday, September 23.  A banquet at St. Mary Byzantine Catholic Church hall at 506 East Main Street will follow. 

His Eminence Archbishop Daniel of the Diocese of Chicago and the Midwest will preside at the 10:00 AM service with Father Peter Tomas along with former parish clergy and deanery clergy concelebrating.

Immigrants from the Austro-Hungarian Empire brought their Faith with them when they settled in Marblehead in the late 19th century, and in 1898 they founded Holy Assumption Orthodox Church.  They were from the Carpathian Mountains in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, where the countries of Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine now exist.  

The present temple was consecrated in 1906.  The Orthodox Christian Church can be traced in unbroken continuity back to Christ and His Twelve Apostles.  Today there are approximately 300 million members.

Historic Marker Dedication
Archpriest John Adamcio
Archpriest John Adamcio
Archpriest John Adamcio
Council President Ron Royhab
Council President Ron Royhab
Council President Ron Royhab
Parishioners and visitors
Parishioners and visitors
Parishioners and visitors



Halupki Festival

Thank you to our community, our visitors from near and far, our families and all of our friends and volunteers for a successful Halupki Festival!

God blessed us with a wonderful day! It may have been an extremely hot day and there was much road contruction to endure but we are very grateful for everyone's support!


A warm welcome to Father Peter and Matushka Michelle Tomas who arrived safely in Marblehead.

May God grant you both many blessed years as you begin your ministry at Holy Assumption Church!

Donate Online

The life of our parish ministry depends on the stewardship of parishioners as well as the generous contributions of those benefactors who support our parish and have been blessed by our ministry.  To make donating easier we have created a safe method of online donation through a secure portal.

Market Days
Our next Market Day is Saturday, September 30th! There will be a limited number of halupki(cabbage rolls), a large assortment of bakery along with our kielbasa & kraut, perohi and spanakopita. 
Stop by and help us kick off the start to our 125th Anniversary year!
Follow us on FaceBook at Halupki Festival for order information and updates.

Weekly Liturgical & Event Schedule

Friday, September 22
6:00pm Vespers

Saturday, September 23 Celebrating our 125th Anniversary
9:30am Hours / 10:00am Hierarchical Divine Liturgy for the Conception of John the Baptist followed by banquet

Saturday, September 23

Sunday, September 24
9:10am Hours / 9:30am Divine Liturgy /followed by coffee hour and fellowship

Saturday, September 30
4:00pm Vespers

Sunday, October 1
9:10am Hours / 9:30am Divine Liturgy /followed by coffee hour and fellowship



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