Holy Assumption Orthodox Church
OCA Diocese of the Midwest
114 E. Main Street, Marblehead, Ohio 43440
Parish Phone Tree
Parish Phone Tree

The Phone Tree is activated in cases where parishioners of Holy Assumption need to be contacted quickly (inclement weather cancelling services, etc.)

How to Activate the Phone Tree:

  1. Any parishoner may call the Rectory (419-798-4591).
  2. The Rector will call four contacts
  3. Those four contacts then call the rest of the parish.  

Weekly Liturgical & Event Schedule

Sunday, August 5
9:05 am Third & Sixth Hours
9:30 am: Divihe Liturgy followed by Great Vespers w/ Litya for Feast of Transfiguration & Social

Monday, August 6
9:00 am Holy Transfiguration Monastery

Wednesday, August 8
6:00 pm: Public Village Meeting

Saturday, August 11
9:00 am: Farmers Market
4:00 pm: Great Vespers

Sunday, August 12
9:05 am: Third & Sixth Hours
9:30 am: Divihe Liturgy & Great Vespers followed by Social

Halupki Festival - 2018

Weekly Bulletin